Monday, October 25, 2010

10/26/10 The Art of the Un-Trade

Nothing wrong with not trading. We all need a break now and then. I didn't trade Friday, didn't trade today. My last two trading days ended up 'crisp and clean, no caffeine.'

'Don't you feel good about sitting out? Of course you do.'
'Don't you feel good betting on 7 Out? Of course you do.'

The Un-Trade- cap it off with the Un-Cola. Gimme a 7 and 7, and make it a double.


  1. Re: Tokyo Stock Exchange considers end to lunch break newSubmitted by 2nd_ave (4849 comments) on Mon, 10/25/2010 - 20:08 #72693 (in reply to #72692)
    Lunch? Lunch!?? And the Japanese wonder why the Nikkei has gone nowhere in twenty years?

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  2. Kass is starting to lose it- he's writing song lyrics like another lost soul we know...

  3. UXG & RBY are BC speculations. UXG more so since it is silver and in Mexico. I don't own it but wish I did. I thought that the stock offering by the RBY multi-millionaire owner would put a floor underneath. Floor sagged 15% before rebounding a little.

  4. tof- This one's for you/ Hulbert on 'preconceived notions'
    Submitted by 2nd_ave (4851 comments) on Mon, 10/25/2010 - 21:43 #72700

    “here’s the conclusion on which I base my facts.”

    'nuff said.

  5. Re: Repeal of the mortgage interest tax deduction? newSubmitted by 2nd_ave (4850 comments) on Mon, 10/25/2010 - 21:39 #72699 (in reply to #72695)
    You're probably right. Any Congressman caught endorsing the largest tax break most Americans receive would soon see bumperstickers that read 'Impeach the Deduction Sacker!' Not quite as catchy as the one with Archibald Cox's name on it. How about "Ded' Sacker Walking?"

  6. The most frustrating thing about the last few hundred points on the DJIA? I didn't make any money on it!

    Regardless of what we do, and that includes 'nothing,' the market finds a way to frustrate us all.

  7. Yea, I suppose we've got to keep hedging against further dollar weakness, and I believe GMO and CADC fill the bill but GMO may have stalled, even with a falling dollar.

    We'll see... besides, the dollar is pretty beat up here anyway.

  8. Re: Repeal of the mortgage interest tax deduction?
    Submitted by loannetter (836 comments) on Mon, 10/25/2010 - 21:57 #72701 (in reply to #72699)
    LOVE "Ded' Sacker Walking"!

    How about: "DON'T BURY MY DED!"

  9. Re: Repeal of the mortgage interest tax deduction? newSubmitted by 2nd_ave (4852 comments) on Mon, 10/25/2010 - 22:05 #72703 (in reply to #72701)
    To ded' is to be.
    To be is to ded'.

    'Scuse me, ded' be dead?

  10. TOF- Looks like you might be above the mendoza line on REDF. Nice :)

    I've kinda been quite on the trading front, but here's where I stand right now...

    PXP- Full position +3.48%
    XCO- Full position -3.88%
    CADC- 1/3 position +28.24%
    UNG- 1/3 position -7.22%
    BAC- 1/3 position -5.61%

    In the IRA...

    SSO Full position +5.50%

  11. FWIW- If I see any frothiness this week I'll lighten up going into the elections/FOMC.

  12. Mark- What happened to cut losses quickly?

  13. RBY - BC's pick? Well no wonder it's down, he knew it would sell off, which is why he picked it.

    So now those who jumped ob his enthusiasm are now under water and will eventually break even...

    I've been to that rodeo, it's his favorite dirty trick.

  14. Mark - Looks like you've got a flyer on your list! ;)

  15. Buffalo Springfield/ World Series newSubmitted by 2nd_ave (4853 comments) on Mon, 10/25/2010 - 22:35 #72706
    Where else would Neil Young's Bridge Concert share headline space with the World Series? Where else could you catch both within a week of eachother?

  16. 2nd- I guess it's a little hard to explain. I've been trying to do my DD on individual Co.'s and as you know, I'm a bottom fisher. I also have been frustrated only using a small % of my port.

    Most of my real $ gains over and over again have been building large positions on the way down. Yeah, the %'s aren't real impressive, but the $'s are.

    I'm not at YTD highs, but those were intraday.

    Today I was +.12%.

  17. CP- Yep...and that sucker scares the hell out of me! :)...Thanks!!

  18. Mark - Yea, I know the feeling but trust me and add if it goes far enough the wrong way for no apparent reason, that's what I'm going to do. The next few earnings should be blow outs b/c accounts receivables are going to start kicking in.

    I might not even get a chance to add though...

  19. Paypal - I've used it four times in the last several days, this habit is getting way out of control!

  20. BAC - Boy, the well documented rivalry between Wall Street and BAC just has no bounds.. BAC isn't the only SOB to have packaged and sold off truckloads of worthless crap!

    I wonder if BAC/WAC sold this stuff with any guarantees?

  21. I ran into a few kids tonight in the mall who were wearing brown paper bags on their heads, so I asked them if they were getting ready for Halloween or something.

    They replied no, we're Denver Bronco fans!

  22. "The most frustrating thing about the last few hundred points on the DJIA? I didn't make any money on it!"

    2nd_ave, you are in good company. :) Here is what James Kostohryz wrote on October 14:

    "Now that the [1040-1170] range has been broken, what should one do? It's tempting to play the upside break, because the way the market appears to be set up, a panic-buying route could ensue.

    In this sense, an upside extension of the current rally makes sense to me. However, to invest solely on the basis of such technical criteria runs counter to my investment philosophy. I don't invest in things that I don't understand fully and have conviction about fundamentally. I'd hasten to point out that I don't short in such circumstances either.

    So as much as I hate to “miss an opportunity,” my investment philosophy demands that I stand aside and simply watch while others enjoy and/or suffer.

    It sure would have been great to have anticipated this rally. But I'm at ease due to one fact: There will ALWAYS be new opportunities to make money in financial markets. In the scheme of things, missing one rally or even several is no big deal. The key is to be in good shape financially and psychologically the day when one recognizes one of those opportunities."

  23. FNF - Oh boy this one took a big hit, I might wanna look into this...

  24. WPRT - Gotta watch this one on the White House announcement for increased fuel economy standards for large trucks.

  25. 2nd - I "second" David's post about James K. I read that a week or so ago. I've come closer to learning this lesson: If you can't get behind a trade, then don't freaking trade! Now if I can stick to that lesson I'll never have to take a loss...I think.

  26. sell limit was hit, 50.50, on IFF. so for short term trades this is it: AEE, BTIM, TRE and to get the screener fired up and find more places to invest the cash.

  27. GMO - Hanlong accelerates their $40M investment.